We help private people and commercial developers through the process of purchasing and building properties in Spain with the best financing


We are the largest property financing companiy in Spain, with our office in Malaga, broker office in Palma de Mallorca and regional office the Canary Islands. We work in a clear and ethical way within the property industry, ensuring that our clients understand the process every step of the way, delivering the best possible financing solution to meet their requirements.


We collaborate with over 350 real estate agents all over Spain. These professional agents recommend that their clients contact us when they are considering the purchase or building of a property in Spain with a loan involved. We pride ourselves on being efficient in negotiating with all lenders, in order to both quickly and securely handle our clients applications. 


To have only happy clients and to be the most well connected team in the real estate & banking world is our vision. After many years as one of the leading brokers in the Spanish property financing market, we also have a vision to proide our clients with the fastest and most trustworthy service on the market.

Our lenders are almost all the banks in Spain and also private equity lenders and investors. We have spent years building our relationships up, to ensure our clients the best possible loan offers. We will always serve both private buyers and commercial developers with top financing solutions.



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